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Рефлектометр X-60

Большой сенсорный экран, управляющие клавиши, простой в работе;

Большая литиевая батарея, большое время работы;

Мощный и надежный;

Использование памяти и SD карты;

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Multi-wavelength Analysis Function: It can achieve the comparison, display and analysis functions of any trace file.

FTTx online testing, able to identify the splitter and the fiber’s end.

Large-capacity lithium-ion rechargeable battery, with the long standby time over 8 hours.

Bellcore file format (.sor), with the storage of greater than 10,000 traces.

Communication Light Detection: It can effectively protect the test instrumentation and communication equipments.

Connection State Detection: To promptly know the connection status of the instrumentation and the fiber for test.

The Switching of Measurement Mode: Through the shortcut key operation, it can achieve the flexible switching of real-time measurement mode and average measurement mode.

Технические спецификации
Wavelength (nm) 1310/1550
Dynamic range (dB)2 38/36, 32/30
Pulse width (ns) 5,20,40,80,160,320,640,1280,2560,5120,10240,20480
Event blind zone (m)3 2m
Attenuation blind zone (m)3 9m
Linearity (dB/dB) ±0.05 dB/ dB
Loss threshold (dB) 0.05
Loss resolution ratio (dB) 0.01
Sampling resolution ratio (m) 0.125 to 8
Sampling point 32K
Distance uncertainty? (m) ±(1 m + 5×10-5× distance + sampling interval)
Distance scope (km) 0.3 to180
Typical real-time refreshing duration (s) 0.2
Memory capacity of trace SD Card (2G), > 10000 pieces
Duration of measurement Defined by user; 5sec, 10sec, 15sec, 30sec, 1min, 2min, and 3min are selectable
Основные параметры
Dimension (H×W×D) 150×235×66
Weight 1.5kg
Temperature Running temperature -10℃ to 50℃
Memory temperature -40℃ to 70℃
Relative humidity 0% to 95% (non condensation)
Power supply Lithium battery; continuing working duration ≥ 8 hours
Warranty period 12 months
Remarks: 1. The technical specification describes the ensured performance of the instrument when using typical PC model connector to measure. Without considering the uncertainty caused by optical fiber refractivity.2. Dynamic range is the data measured under the condition of the maximum pulse width and 3 minutes of average time. Dynamic range is the data measured under the condition of 180km/20480ns/3min.

3. Measuring conditions of blind zone: reflection event is within 4Km, reflection strength < -35dB. Measured by the minimum pulse width.

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